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How to Repair a Leaking American Standard Bath Tub Faucet

    • 1). Turn the main water valve off, located on the exterior of the home, near the water meter. For apartment or condo dwellers, look for a hidden access panel built into a wall near the bathtub in the bathroom. This access panel may be in the utility room if the room shares a wall with the bathroom. If you cannot locate the bathtub shut-off valve, contact the building supervisor and have them show you where it is located before you begin.

    • 2). Allow the remaining water in the bathtub faucet lines to run out by turning the faucet handle in the open, or on, position.

    • 3). Close the bathtub drain to prevent any parts from being lost.

    • 4). Insert a small flat-head screwdriver into the faucet handle cap, which covers the handle screw. Unscrew the handle screw with a screwdriver. If your American Standard bathtub faucet does not have a handle cap, insert an Allen wrench into the side slot and remove the handle. Set the handle screw and cap to the side for re-installation. For two-handled faucets, repeat this process for the other side.

    • 5). Wiggle and pull on the American Standard bathtub faucet handle until it comes off. Use a handle puller for older, stuck faucet handles. Remove the escutcheon cover plate by unscrewing with a screwdriver, or grasping it with your fingers and sliding it off the handlebar.

    • 6). Remove the American Standard faucet stem assembly with a bath socket. Place the bath socket over the stem bonnet and turn counterclockwise. Unscrew the stem assembly with the bath socket, and remove.

    • 7). Unscrew the tiny screw attaching the washer to the stem assembly with a small screwdriver, and remove the washer. Set all parts you are removing aside in a safe location.

    • 8). Take the washer and tiny screw to a local hardware store and have an associate match them to new replacement pieces. Purchase two for two-handle American Standard faucets, or one for one-handle American Standard faucets.

    • 9). Grease the washer and screw with plumber's lubricant, and replace them back onto the end of the stem assembly. Smear a small amount of plumber's lubricant onto the stem assembly threads, and reassemble the stem into the faucet body with the bath socket.

    • 10

      Replace the escutcheon cover plate and handle in the reverse order for re-installation.

    • 11

      Turn the water back on from the main water valve.

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