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Green Cleaning - Keep Your House Clean and Green

Keeping your house green and clean by implementing a few simple measures is a lot easier to cleaning and using chemicals.
Avoid dust catchers Whenever possible avoid fitted carpets, they are a lot more difficult to keep clean than using rugs.
Rugs can be taken outside once in a while and thoroughly cleaned.
In some colder climate when fitted carpets are unavoidable, minimise the dirt by making everyone take their shoes off before entering the house, provide some thick felt slippers or socks and shoes racks at the front door.
If you have pets that live indoors, use a damp cloth to wipe their paws before you let them back inside.
I have seen dogs wipe their feet on the mat before coming back inside! Clean up as you go Wipe benches and all surfaces as soon as you finished using them, dirt will not get stuck this way and it is easier to clean.
If you have a spill or food splashes, clean those right away.
They will be a lot harder to deal with once they dry.
Use a microfiber cloth to lift all off the spill, rinse and wipe again.
Have a damp cloth always on the ready; no chemicals are needed this way.
Dishes that are rinsed right away will need hardly any detergent and they will end up cleaner.
Have the right tools and cleaning products Stay green and have a good cleaning kit on the ready, have one for the bathroom, one for the kitchen and a separate one for the floors and heavy duty clean ups.
Label everything! I recently had a nasty surprise when a label had come off one bottle.
Always check before you use anything, even green cleaning products can be dangerous if concentrated.
Keep the kitchen and bathroom cleaning products separate for obvious hygiene reasons.
Clean and disinfect your cleaning cloth frequently by boiling them in a pot on the stove.
This will not only loosen the dirt but it will kill most bugs, just add a little soap and let them boil for ten minutes.
Vacuuming Before you switch on your vacuum cleaner, remove all items off the floor, ie: toys, bags etc..
Put chairs out of the way and give the sofa a clean first.
Often dirt gets trapped there and will end up on the floor again, leave the cushions ready to be vacuumed once you do the floor.
Switch on the vacuum once you know you can clean in one smooth sweep.
This way you will use less power and the whole cleaning process is streamlined and will take a lot less effort.
Clothes A little forethought can help a lot when it comes to laundry time.
Soak all stained items in warm soapy water overnight and put them through a normal cold cycle.
Avoid stains by taking care of them as soon as they happen, if you spill something on your shirt, soak it right away, this way the stain will not dry and set.
This is true for 90% of stains some like tomato sauce need treating right away, this means soaping and rinsing until the stain has gone, then wash as normal After washing your clothes, take them out of the machine right away and hang them up.
Smooth them out a little as you hang them on the line and put shirts and blouses on hangers to dry.
They will have a lot less wrinkles and will need little or no ironing.
A clothes rack on wheels is ideal for this as you can move it around to suit you, some things like whites can be dried in the sun, whereas colours need to be dried in the shade to avoid fading.
By looking after your clothes you can ensure that they will last longer and you will not only save money in the long run but you will help the environment too.
Staying green while cleaning is not just about using the latest "green products", avoiding harsh chemicals and overuse of resources [power, gas and water] is the key to staying green in the home.
To making sure your house stays clean and allergens free use a few preventative measures, keep your space clean and clutter free, a great way to save time and energy.

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