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Correct Use of a Dehumidifier

    Choose a Dehumidifier

    • Obviously, you cannot expect a small dehumidifier with a miniature reservoir to impact the humidity level of a giant room. Make a logical choice, since the size of the dehumidifier, and the size of its reservoir, goes hand-in-hand with the size of the space in question.

    Position the Dehumidifier

    • Your dehumidifier's location is important to the air flow. In a room with ceiling ventilation, such as an air duct, position the dehumidifier against a wall. Your dehumidifier's location is most important in rooms without any air ventilation. In such rooms, position your dehumidifier near the center of the room.

    Clean the Room

    • Clean the room before you use the dehumidifier so you do not get any unexpected junk in the reservoir. To keep your machine low-maintenance, make sure the surrounding area is kept spotless. This includes removing any mold or mildew that appears around the room.

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