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Why Am I Single?

Or do you mean: Why am I STILL single? This is a question that single people sometimes ask out loud to a friend, but more frequently ask themselves silently, where no one else can hear.
There are many possible reasons for why you're still single.
Here are a few of the ways single people typically answer this question: A.
All the good ones are taken.
The odds of my finding someone to love are not so great at my age.
I'm so used to living alone.
I probably couldn't live with anybody else.
I'm too busy to date or I have too much going on in my life right now.
I don't like bars and I got tired of that online dating thing.
I like the single life; I can do anything I want to--whenever I want to do it.
Here are some more honest (and often unconscious) answers to the question, Why am I single? 1.
I'm afraid of getting hurt again.
If I admit that I want to love and be loved and don't find anyone, it will hurt more.
I don't ask others to help me find love because I would seem too needy.
Maybe I am just unlovable.
It's easier to pretend that I don't need someone to love (even to myself) then to wish for something I can't have.
If I thought it was possible for me to find love, I would want it.
There's a wonderful book by Susan Page, called: 'If I'm so wonderful, why am I still single?' Great Title.
Great Book.
It implies the thinking mentioned above: 'if I'm not finding love, then I must not be that wonderful!' There's a reason you're still single: it's not only the conscious, rational ways you explain it (A through F above), it's what you believe (1-6 above).
"I've tried to change my attitude about it, but I don't make much progress.
" That often happens when you're trying to change an unconscious belief with conscious reasoning.
That usually doesn't work.
There are both conscious and unconscious answers to: 'Why Am I Still Single? Let's take the idea that you are afraid of getting hurt again.
The best way to change that belief you have--that you will get hurt again--is to have a different experience: one where you do not get hurt.
But you can't just MAKE THAT HAPPEN.
It would be wonderful if you could just call up the experience you need and presto-bingo-magic..
what you need would appear.
That's when hypnosis can help.
Hypnosis is a way of speaking to your unconscious mind, where feelings and experiences are stored.
Hypnosis is not just for habit control or for remembering the past; it can be used to get you unstuck in many areas--including your love life.
Hypnosis for love can help you overcome obstacles to finding love and keeping love alive..
anything from being afraid to love again...
to feeling unlovable..
to letting go of a spouse that has died or a broken relationship--to unfounded jealousy in a new relationship and difficulty trusting--to fear of commitment or intimacy..
and much more.
It's a healthy view of life: to do what you can, yourself and then to get help when you get stuck.
So, to answer: Why Am I Single? or Why am I STILL single? Look to your unconscious beliefs, rather than to the statistics of how many women or men are available.
You only need one man or one woman, right? What are your beliefs about yourself?--whether you feel you're lovable, whether you fear getting hurt again..
see what is really below the surface.
Changing a misguided attitude or belief about why you're still single will have a positive effect on your finding love..
and then once you find it..
on keeping love alive.

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