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Troubleshooting a Whirlpool Garbage Disposal

    When Your Disposal is Silent

    • When your Whirlpool garbage disposal (or any brand of disposal for that matter) remains quiet when you try and turn it on, you may have an electrical problem. Find the reset button located on the bottom of the unit and push it. If this fails to solve the problem, go to the electrical panel and check for a tripped breaker that needs to be flipped back to reset it.

      Rule out a faulty switch by replacing the switch. See if the disposal will work when the power is turned back on. If you are not handy with electrical work, then consider calling an electrician or even a plumber to handle this step. If this still doesn't make the disposal run properly and everything else has been ruled out, you will need a new one.

    When your Disposal Makes Strange Noises

    • When you hear odd noises coming from the disposal, this usually means that something has gotten caught, not allowing the flywheel to move. Turn off the circuit breaker and insert a broom handle or something long and thin into the drain to try and free whatever is causing the blockage. Never stick your hand inside as the flywheel blades are sharp and can cut.

    When your Disposal is Leaking

    • Start by tightening all the bolts securing your disposal under the sink with a wrench. If your leak appears to be near where it connects to your dishwasher, try tightening the hose clamp. If your leak is in the hose itself, you will need a new hose. Arrange for a plumber to do this if you are not comfortable with this level of plumbing work. It may also be that the leak is caused by putty that is worn and cracking. Putty is used by plumbers to seal the seams in a disposal's plumbing. You will need to remove the old putty and replace it with new.

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