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Heat-pump Performance Gets A Boost

As a homeowner in the temperate climate of southern Louisiana, you know better than most that the moderately-cold days of winter will soon be replaced by the humid warmth of spring and summer. These wet and hot days are precisely what make heat pumps so efficient in this part of the country for home climate-control.

The Department of Energy asserts that heat pumps save you two-fifths - 40% - on your energy bill because they use electricity to move heat rather than generate it. Because they depend on a smaller temperature differential between the outside and inside of your home to work more efficiently, maintenance of their components is more important to ensure heat-pump performance. To this end, you can prolong these savings by implementing these 3 tips for even better returns on your heat-pump unit.

- Duct inspection. Remember that a heat pump works by moving warm air from the outside to the inside during cold weather, and reverses this action during warm weather to cool your home. The ducts are essential to this, and any leaks will drastically reduce heat-pump performance and cause your energy bill to increase, despite the lower efficiency.

- The working fluid of a heat-pump is called the refrigerant, and it performs the same action in a heat-pump as it does in your refrigerator. The refrigerant goes through a chemical process that soaks up heat and then releases it; however, if there are leaks in the coils that push the refrigerant through from the outside to the inside of your home, then the heat-pump will have siphon more electricity from the power grid to heat or cool the home.

- Lastly; dirty air filters will impede airflow, which reduces heat-pump performance by also putting the compressor at risk. Cleaning or changing the filters can save over 15% on your heating costs, in addition to making sure healthy air is inside your home.

For more information on heat pumps, how they work, and best practices for getting the most out of them, contact an Air Conditioning and Refrigeration establishment in your city or state.

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