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How to Apply for a Work Visa in the USA With a Minor Conviction

    • 1). Obtain a copy of your criminal conviction and the sentencing details. Read the tips section to see if the general information supplied indicates that the offense will prevent you from obtaining a work visa. Contact an attorney or the legal aid society in your area, before you fill out the application, if you are uncertain as to whether your particular offense will disqualify you from obtaining a work visa.

    • 2). Fill out an EAD, "Application for Employment Authorization", Form I-765, which can be accessed Online from the appropriate link in resources, or by calling 1-800-870-3676. Read Part 2 of the instruction form to determine which eligible category you fall within. Identify that category, in Question 16, on the form.

    • 3). Fill out the sections as advised in the directions for each eligible category. Remember that the form is filled out, under penalty of perjury, and that entry of false information on the form is a crime, may result in prosecution and will result in denial of your application. Be prepared to truthfully answer any questions they have about your criminal offense once they check your background information.

    • 4). Include the following documentation with your form: A list of your assets, income and expenses if you are required to show economic necessity for your category; The filing fee, as described in, "What is Filing Fee?" on the instructions; A copy of your I-94 Departure Record form if available; A copy of your last EAD, front and back, if applicable, or a Federal Government issued identity document as described in "Required Documents", section 2.B.; Two passport style color photos, as described in the instructions section titled, "Required Documents", taken no earlier that 30 days before your submission of the EAD application.

    • 5). Make checks or money orders payable to: United States Department of Homeland Security. Do not use initials. Determine where to mail your application by reading, "Where to File." on the instructions. Make a copy of the application, all included documentation and mail the form and documentation to the appropriate office.

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