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Shifman Mattresses - Eight Way Hand Tied Coils

Shifman Mattresses - Eight Way Hand Tied Coils

Shifman Mattresses has been making mattresses for over a century from its facility in Newark, New Jersey. These American made mattresses are still made using the company's old method of manufacturing handmade bedding, taking up to twelve and a half hours to make one mattress set. This isn't mass production, and Shifman's quality and price points reflect that.

The boxsprings are framed with Canadian Spruce.

Hourglass shaped coils are used, which are then tied at eight different points with Italian twine. The eight way tying enables each coil to respond individually to provide support and absorb the user's shifting body weight. It also allows these coils to conform to natural body contours.

Shifman's double offset innerspring is offered in several firmness options to suit different personal preferences.

Shifman's mattresses are hand tufted with the technique that Shifman calls Sanotuft. The buttonless tuft is hand-sewn from top to bottom. This process locks all upholstery layers and the innerspring securely in place to prevent shifting and bunching.

Multiple layers of cotton inside each mattress are used for padding. Cotton is an organic material, which is comfortable because of its breathability.

Belgian damask and matelasse fabrics are used to cover the mattresses.

Each Shifman mattress is two sided, which means they are finished on both sides. They can be flipped over to prevent sagging, soft spots and ridges which can develop in an innerspring mattress. Shifman recommends flipping the mattress to prolong its life and comfort.

Shifman offers many different mattress collections at different price points, and the Masters Collection is the company's flagship collection.

The Masters Collection mattresses are made from up to 83 lbs of cotton. Latex foam and pashmina are also used in some models. There is a range of different firmnesses for different customer preferences.

Featured here is the Cézanne, the newest addition to the Masters Collection.

It is designed with 95 percent natural materials which include pashmina cashmere, a tremendous amount of cotton, and natural latex. The Cézanne will retail at $7,399 for a queen set.

Other mattresses in this collection includes nine styles with prices ranging from $3,199 to $7,399 for a queen set.

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