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Diamond Chains for a Splendid Look

Jewelry chains come in a variety of forms that comprise of necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and straps of designer watches. Whether men or women, wearing diamond studded chains as neck pieces, bracelets or wrist watches fascinates everyone. Diamond chains are available in the market in an endless number of styles and shapes. Thus, customers can choose from a wide variety of them depending upon their requirement and budgets.

Type of Metal used in Diamond Chains

Diamond chains can be made from numerous metals but most popular metals for diamond chains are white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, and platinum. Some use stainless steel for making straps and bezels of diamond watches, while some use gold or platinum metals for making anklets, bracelets or necklaces. Diamonds are simply embellished in these chains according to their shapes and sizes to transform them into diamond chains.

Nevertheless, still the choice of gold and platinum is preferred more than any other metal these days. This is because gold and platinum are strong and ductile metals that have non-corroding properties, and therefore, jewelry items made from these metals have more longevity than using other metals. White gold diamond chains in particular the most popular choice of today as white gold jewelry items are gaining in popularity world wide. The color white, being more shiny and lustrous makes the chain appear brighter than its counterpart, yellow gold or rose gold.

Various Forms of Diamond Chains

Customers can buy diamond chains of various shapes and styles. Some of the popular ones include box chains, flat chains, link chains, handmade rope chains and diamond Gucci style chains, etc, most of these designs  have been known for a long time but as plain chains. The only difference between diamond chains and these chains is the fact that diamonds are used to further decorate them enhancing the look and value of these chains.

Describing the Shape of Various forms of Diamond Chains

Box chains are usually small in size; the design of such chains looks like box shaped and it is these small box spaces where the diamonds are placed that gives a chain an exotic look. Their thickness can however be heavy or light depending upon personal requirement and width of the chain. Flat chains and link chains are the most common amongst other diamond chains. Usually flat chains are enhanced using intricate diamond patterns on it to make it look stunning and attractive.

Handmade prong set chains on the other hand are most flexible to use. The basic structure of a chain comprises of single links with single diamonds that makes it look heavier which then can be used in gold bracelets as well as connected together in many rows and used even as straps of wrist watches. Lastly, diamond cable chains is the hot selling jewelry item in markets these days. This category of chains comprises of small round links paved in diamonds, making it appear brighter, fully and more unique than other diamond chains.

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