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Taking the LSAT? Here"s What to do the Night Before the Exam

You're taking the LSAT tomorrow. What do you do today?

Stop studying.
Remind yourself that you have studied well and have prepared as much as you can. Any more studying or practice exams will raise your anxiety and simply exhaust you.

Print your admission ticket.
Check your LSAT online account for last minute changes in testing sites and to print your Admission Ticket.

Get reliable directions
Know how to get to the test center.

Check the details.
Refer to the Law School Admission Council's LSAT Day of the Test Handout.

  • Admissions ticket
  • Photo Identification bearing your signature. Acceptable forms of ID include: passport or driver‘s license or other government-issued ID.
  • Clear plastic ziplock bag, maximum size one gallon (3.79 liter), containing wallet, analog wristwatch (digital is not permitted), medical or hygiene products, no.2 pencils, highlighter, erasers, pencil sharpener, tissues, and beverage in plastic container or juice box (20 oz./591 ml maximum size) and snack for break.
  • Bring pain reliever for a headache. Bring your inhaler if you have asthma. Allergy sufferers should bring antihistamine medication.
  • A light sweater (without a hood)

Plan to leave some items home
The following items are prohibited at the Test Center: books, papers of any kind, backpacks, handbags, earplugs, mechanical pencils, rulers, calculators, timers of any kind (except analog wristwatches), cellular phones, recording or photographic devices, pagers, beepers, headsets, or other electronic devices.

Hats or hoods may not be worn

Calm yourself.
Do what you can to be well-rested, calm, and confident for the exam. Workout and/pr stretch. Meditate or do breathing exercises before bed, in the morning, at the testing site, and between test sections to stay calm and focused.

Get perspective.
It's a test. It is important. You would like to do well. However, it is not a measure of your self-worth. If needed, you can take it again. You are more than your LSAT score and your LSAT score is just one part of your admissions package.

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