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Picture of an Anemone Flower in a Mason Jar

I love growing anemone flowers garden pots. They are easy to grow from bulbs and the flowers are gorgeous and long lasting. This anemone flower is one of the last of the season.

To get this photograph, I used the technique pioneered by one of my favorite photographers, David Perry, who has a lovely blog called "A Photographers Garden Blog."

To get this photograph, I put the anemone in a mason jar and then put the jar with the flower into a stainless steel bowl that I had filled with flowers from the garden.

I then took the whole set up and rested my camera - a Canon G10 - on the rim of the mason jar. I then moved the whole thing around my kitchen area - near windows - away from windows, into and out of sun and took lots of shots.

Here is another one I took on the same day.

Anemone 2

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