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Still Single

Still single after all these years? The Big Girl Talk woman has made the choice to remain single and/or without children up until this point.
We have chosen the high road in spite of all the criticism.
We have been considered: picky, high maintenance, conceded, insensitive, abnormal...
must I go on? Yet, we are determined to maintain our position at the risk of possibly never marrying and for most of us never having children.
So, why have we chosen this road? This we must inform the world that this has not been an easy decision.
Society has portrayed single hood as some erroneous act rather than a determined and perfectly fine state in itself.
Because of this concept, many believe that single hood is associated with being incomplete.
But amazingly in being single, we are already complete within ourselves.
We are sisters, aunts, friends and daughters with strong convictions and play an intrigue role within our society.
We are no longer the "Old Maids" of yesteryear, but successful triumphant women in our state of single hood.
We are lively, fun, free spirited, dynamic, driven, magnificent women whom have made great accomplishments and contributions in society.
Most of us have achieved emotional wholeness, educational achievement, financial stability, independence, solace in our role and we have taken a stand in a society which has not warmly embraced us and undoubtedly misunderstood us.
What do we want to portray to the world that oftentimes we are not clearly conveying? We want our friends, family and society to know that we still have dreams, desires, hopes and determination to make a difference in the world.
Many of us are determined to finding that partner, yes we still have hope until we are deceased there is still hope.
We also look forward to leaving a legacy even if it is not to our children but how about our nieces, nephews, godchildren and mentee.
And our desire is always to positively influence individuals within our environment.
We hope to trigger your thoughts and ideas and clarify why we are still single after all these years.

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