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Discover More About Scuba Diving

If you're one of the many who are not sure whether you want to dive or would even like diving then the discover scuba would be for you.
With this you will be able to see what scuba diving like without having to go through the whole course.
What is Discover Scuba Diving? All agencies have there own version of this course and the overall course out lay is much the same.
Discover Scuba Diving allows people who are interested in scuba diving to dive, learn a few basic skills then do a dive or two under close one to one supervision.
This will take around one day and can be done on holiday or at your local dive centre.
Can I do try Discover Scuba? Basic requirements are you need to be 10 years or older and have no health concerns.
How long will the Program Take? The program can be from 2 hours to several days depending on your skill level.
What are the requirements of the Course? Scuba Knowledge Development Here you will be taught the basic scuba safety requirements and watch a short video or a safety briefing from your instructor.
Confined Water Training Here you will learn some basic skills that will make your dive safer and far more enjoyable as you will be more comfortable, here is a list of some the basic skills you will learn but your instructor may teach you more: -Regulator Clearing -Mask Clearing- this is how to clear water from your mask.
-Alternate Air Source Use- learn how to share air if any emergency Open Water Dive This is the bit you have been waiting for the bit where you can enter the water and see the fishes.
The first dive is the same as you will do on the open water course and will count towards your curse if you continue.
Some places may add additional dives to the course depending on the package.
All these dives will be done under close supervision of the instructor.
What does the program qualify you to do and how to sign Up? After you have completed the discover scuba course you will count as partial completion towards the open water course, you can find out more or do the discover scuba at most dive centre and resorts.

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