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Making Money From Erotic Nude Photography: How To Find Buyers For Your Work

Photographs of beautiful women are always going to be in style. Fads may come and go, but the allure of a beautiful, naked woman is here to stay. There will always be an expanding market for photography for this type of photography. Consequently, there will always be a correspondingly expanding list of potential buyers. In addition, modern technology will continue to make it easier for you to find and contact these buyers. With relatively little effort, you can find a mind-numbing amount of websites that are potential buyers of your work.

When the time comes to sell your work to magazines or other print publications, it's a good idea to initially contact the Creative Director or the Photo Editor of the particular publication you're interested in. The people in these positions are typically the ones who specifically interact with photographers and have the authority to buy photo sets. You can usually find the names of these people in the magazine masthead. The masthead lists the staff that is involved in producing the magazine; it usually appears on one of the first few pages of each issue.

The next step would be to contact them and ask if they are currently in the market for new photo sets. If so, they can likely provide you will a list of their particular magazine's "photo guidelines"; as well as information regarding the prices they pay for original content. I discuss this topic in more detail in my ebook, Money Shots (

You can take a similar route when it comes to approaching and contacting websites. However, since websites don't have a full editorial staff you won't necessarily need to track down a photo editor or creative director. With websites, you'll simply need to find the person who is responsible for buying new content for the site. This person should be relatively easy for you to locate. The homepage of a site will usually provide an email address that can be used to contact the staff.

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