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What Projects Can I Do With Corkboard?

    • Cork Board Wallswhite note pinned to cork board image by Dmitry Rukhlenko from Fotolia.com

      Cork board is traditionally used for message boards in homes and offices. This lightweight material is easy to cut and can be used for all sorts of other projects around your home. Another quality you can use cork board for is muffling sound. This is something to keep in mind if you are an apartment dweller with noisy neighbors. Cork comes in large sheets for walls and ceilings too.

    Nontraditional Cork Board

    • Use cork board for decorating a teen's bedroom. Cover the walls with cork board, starting at chair rail height and continuing up the wall to the ceiling. Put the cork board up as you would any paneling. After getting the board up on the wall, run a plain wooden molding around the room to frame off the bottom of the cork. The molding should sit on both the wall and the cork board to ensure neat lines. Use a thinner wooden molding to frame the rest of the cork board off around the top of the walls near the ceiling and in the corners. In the areas on the wall where two pieces of the board abut each other, nail up a piece of molding along those seams. This will neaten the look and keep the edges tight against the wall.

      Fill the cork board with different colored push pins, and your teen will not only have a place to pin up all her notes and posters, but she can keep her earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings pinned up neatly for display and easy access: It's decor with a purpose.

    Leaf Coasters

    • Create leaf coasters that will not only absorb the condensation from sweating glasses, but look magnificent while doing so. Print coaster-sized leaf templates in all different shapes off your computer, instructs the Martha Stewart website. Cut these out and lay them on top of the cork board. Cut the cork board with a utility knife in the shape of these leaves. If the leaves start to curl after being cut, iron them flat, using a hot iron and a damp washcloth between the iron and the cork.

      Using watered-down acrylic paint in the reds, oranges, greens, yellows and browns of autumn, paint one side of the cork. You can use a thicker paint if you prefer your leaves to be darker, but the cork should have just the tone of the color when done.

      Use the same leaf templates to cut leaves out of coordinating colored felt, which will go on the bottom of the cork coasters. Place the felt leave on the bottom of the coaster with just a dab of glue to hold them. Use your sewing machine on it's biggest stitch to sew the felt on, having the stitches make the design of the leafs veins. The felt should be on top as you sew. Once your coasters are done they can be placed around the coffee table or end tables to add to your decor while they wait to cradle the next beverage.

    Cork Board Character Wall Hangings

    • Cork board is light and easy to cut with just a utility knife. Design life-sized animals, people or favorite cartoon characters out of the large sheets of cork board. Use brightly colored acrylic paint to add in the details of the face and clothes. These figures can be hung on the walls of a playroom or in the kids' bedrooms.

      For a toddler's room, cut the cork board in a giant A, B and C and paint them vivid colors for the walls. If you do not want to do that much cutting, cut out squares and paint them as A, B, C blocks to hang on the wall.

      These whimsical wall hangings will add dimension to the walls, and your little ones will enjoy the shapes and colors.

    Cork Board Helpers

    • Cork board can be easily cut in small circles or squares to be placed under the legs of your furniture to guard against them scratching your floors. Use a just a dab of super glue to adhere the cork to the feet of your furniture.

      Cut cork board for a snug fit in your bathroom and kitchen drawers instead of shelving paper. The board will help to keep the items from sliding around. It also helps absorbing any moisture that would happen to get in the drawer.

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