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A Guide to Surviving and Passing Your Driving Test

There are a number of reasons why people fail their driver's test. Some people fail because they didn't get enough practice as they should have. Some are just too nervous and can't focus on the road properly. And then there are those who are a little TOO confident that that overlook and neglect a few important things.

If you're getting ready to take the test, you need to avoid making some common mistakes. You need to be confident, but not to the point where you're SO sure of your abilities that you forget something.

Some of the common mistakes you need to avoid include:

€ Poor judgment or observation at intersections.
€ Giving incorrect signals.
€ Not positioning properly.
€ Steering too awkwardly.
€ Stopping too soon or too late.
€ Failure to pull out properly at the start.
€ Not checking the mirrors or looking over shoulders at the right times.
€ Failing to parallel park correctly.

Now that you know some of the common mistakes, here are some tips to help you pass the test:

€ Make sure you eat a hearty breakfast the morning before your exam. Even if you're too nervous to eat, you should still try to eat something. You'll do a lot better if your stomach has some food in it. Get all of the papers you need together the night before. Leave in time so that you can arrive at the test center at least 15 or 20 minutes prior to the test.

€ Practice for at least an hour a day, and take the test in the same vehicle you practice in. Familiarize yourself with the controls and instruments. Make sure the seat is adjusted to suit your size so that you can drive efficiently and comfortably.

€ You need to practice parallel parking. You can begin by watching tutorial videos online. There are some great videos that show how to parallel park, step-by-step. When you begin to practice, signal properly. Keep an eye on the curb so that you don't hit it. Make sure there are no obstructions or other vehicles near you as you prepare.

€ Try to stay calm when you get in the car with your examiner. Don't let him or her make you nervous. Good communication is key - if you don't understand any of the instructions you are given, ask for clarification.

€ Grab a checklist of things examiners watch for. You will be able to prepare for the test better if you know exactly what you will be tested on. You will be less likely to make mistakes.

You can prepare for your driving exam by taking advantage of online resources. You can take an online driving course and learn everything you need to know for passing. These courses come with useful tools to help you prepare.

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