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How to Repair the Electric Sealed Element in a Stove

    • 1). Turn off the breaker supplying power to the range or unplug the range's power cord from the wall outlet.

    • 2). Open the oven door and then remove the screws located under the front of the top panel.

    • 3). Lift the top panel and hold it up using a sturdy object or enlist an able-bodied partner to hold the panel up.

    • 4). Remove the screws and clips securing the burner to the underside of the panel and then remove the burner.

    • 5). Transfer the wires from the terminals of the old burner to the terminals on the new burner.

    • 6). Secure the burner to the underside of the glass panel using the screws and clips that were removed.

    • 7). Lower the panel, then secure the panel to the top of the range using the screws that were removed.

    • 8). Restore power to the range by turning on the breaker or plugging the oven power cord back into the wall outlet.

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