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Do You Know About Antonidas And The Third War In Wow

It was very the Third War during that Dalaran and also the Kirin Tor began to evolve. The leader of the Kirin Tor at this point was Archmage Antonidas, associate unbelievably powerful magician UN agency began his career of magic and study at a very young age, soon surpassing his elders. Though the town had been ravaged by the previous Horde during the Second War, it did not take long for it to be restored to its former glory. However, its place in the world and also the indisputable fact that it housed a huge collection of supernatural artifacts created it a target time and time once more. And also the last time it was attacked, it had garnered the attention of the Burning Legion.

During the Third War, the Scourge ripped across Lordaeron. Aristocrat Arthas betrayed his folks and have become a puppet of the Lich King and also the Burning Legion -- and also the Legion wished what was within Dalaran's stronghold. Specifically, the Book of Medivh. The Scourge arranged waste to Dalaran, and Arthas himself dead Antonidas in his effort to obtain the artefact. Once obtained, Archimonde was summoned to Azeroth, and he promptly obliterate the town.

Dalaran lay in ruins, and also the Kirin Tor all along with it. But there was additional to the story than simply the destruction of the town. To the north, the high elves of Quel'Thalas were additionally attacked by Scourge forces, and also the Sunwell, supply of their huge powers, was completely destroyed. This act created a rift in high elf culture that's felt to the present day. What remained of the high elf population in Quel'Thalas was gathered by Kael'thas Sunstrider, UN agency renamed these high elves sin'dorei, or "blood elves," in memory of those UN agency had fallen to the Scourge.

But that wasn't every high elf living. There were high elves scattered all over the eastern Kingdoms, and not all were present or conscious of what had happened to the north. And while the sin'dorei succumbed to addiction, gaining the now-familiar jealous glow attributable to use of fel energy to consume that addiction, high elves elsewhere didn't change and didn't falter. that's why we tend to still see two distinct factions of elves these days -- there square measure the blood elves that followed Kael'thas' descent into fel magic and abuse, and there square measure the high elves that turned from the very thought, sick at the very idea of mistreatment that sort of power.

To the high elves, the blood elves drawn a tainted sect of their folks. What the blood elves had done was nigh unpardonable -- they deliberately turned to the very magic that destroyed their folks to begin with. And this is what created the rift we tend to see these days -- the Silver Covenant represents remnants of the initial high elves, while the Sunreavers represent the blood elves.

Meanwhile, the town of Dalaran people under associate impenetrable purple bubble of arcane wards in the northern reaches of Hillsbrad. Dalaran, it seemed, was silent.

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