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What Are the Benefits of Swim Training For a Triathlon?

When you were a child you probably learned to swim because it was fun.
When you are a bit older, it may not look as fun.
If you are going to complete a triathlon you must learn to swim.
For most people, swimming endless training laps and entering the ocean to have hundreds of people flailing arms and legs doesn't sound like much fun.
In fact, it can be a bit scary.
The key to learning to become a good swimmer is to relax and perfect an efficient stroke technique.
Of the three events that you will do in a triathlon, swimming is a total body exercise.
It will pull every bit of you into action including your mind.
The great thing about swim training is that you can emerge feeling refreshed and focused.
You will also gain a whole list of benefits: -I can guarantee that you muscles will become tones.
On thing that the majority of swimmers are known for are their long, lean, and extremely toned bodies.
Every muscle in your body will benefit.
-You will improve your cardiovascular fitness.
You will improve your aerobic conditioning and endurance.
This will improve your body's use of oxygen and lung functioning.
This will improve your running and cycling in numerous ways.
-You will become more flexible.
Your core will improve in strength; you can tell by just looking.
The movement of a technically correct swim stroke will dramatically improve your range of motion.
-You will run a low risk of injury.
It is hard to get injured in the water.
As you swim, you are weightless because the water supports you.
You wont experience the impact of jarring on your bones and joints that you do swimming and running.
In fact, if you are injured swimming is the ideal way to heal from injuries from other high impact sports.
-Swimming is a sport that you can enjoy for life.
Swimming is gentle on your joints.
Because it is gentle on your joints, you will see people in there 80's lapping you in the pool.
-You will be relaxed and rejuvenated.
There is something nice about hoping into a pool at the end of a long stressful day.
You will hear a silence under the water that is peaceful.
This is a time that you can definitely be all by yourself.
If you focus your mind on what your body is doing, you will leave the pool with a sense of calm.

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