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UFC Hostile Territory

Belcher vs.
Starnes: Extremely well matched.
Both fighters threw and landed vicious punches, kicks and knees at a furious pace.
Belcher seemed to be getting a bit better of the exchanges although Starnes was landing frequently and repeatedly using his jab to keep Belcher off guard.
The problem was Belcher seemed to easily shake all the blows off and at one point even mocked Starnes' punching power by dropping his hands and basically eating a couple extra punches with a smile on his face.
It looked to me that Starnes got a little discouraged after that (who wouldn't?) and tried a few unsuccessful take down attempts.
Belcher brushed those off almost effortlessly and it was at this point things started to look really bleak for Starnes.
Though Starneswas never in too much danger of being knocked out but he was looking much worse for the wear.
Amidst the onslaught of uppercuts and knees in round one Starnes got himself a nasty cut on the forehead where the referee claimed to be able to see see his skull and eventually called the match because of it at 1:39 in the 2nd round.
The fight was from the stand up position almost entirely, to Starnes' avail.
Overall an exciting fight between two great athletes.
No one wants to see a fight end by doctor stoppage but it seems this fight had only one inevitable conclusion by the way Belcher seemed to be unaffected by the best punches Starnes had.
Both fighters showed incredible heart but there can only be one winner and that was Belcher.

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