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True Love Is Unbiased - It Is Pure and Springs From the Inside of You

True love is unbiased, it is very pure and springs from the inside of you.
The key to enjoy a lasting and joyful marriage is true love.
True love starts small with just unnoticed simple salient sincere steps between you and your lover.
Every day it continues to grow until it grows bigger, and bigger, till it grows more than your heart can conceive or think it could ever be.
True unbiased pure love is ever sacrificing, compassionate, and loving.
It always avails you the opportunity to share and complete each other in every areas of your marital life.
Unbiased true love is not, and cannot be independent of each other because, it is ever pure and springs from the inside of you.
The following points will guide you to determine whether unbiased true love abounds between you and your spouse or not:
  • If whenever you are together, the whole world means nothing to you and cannot separate you.
  • If your hearts can plan and think the same thing at the same time even at different distant locations from each other.
  • If You are constantly being fond of each other; when around, or far from each other.
  • If your heart focuses on loving yourselves beyond material gifts and friends.
  • If your mind focuses on love from heart to heart, soul to soul and body to body for total unreserved love consummation that no one else can satisfy but, you to you.
  • If you listens to each other's heart beats, and can even predict your next actions, then you know that pure unbiased true love is existing between you and your spouse.
  • If you can predict or better still, understand and aptly respond to your lover's emotional languages.
  • If you are always missing each other and cannot truly relax comfortably when your spouse has not returned.
  • If you are constantly reminding yourselves of how much you cares for yourselves.
True love is unbiased indeed, it is pure and springs from the inside of you.
Simply put, true love intoxicates.
It can cause you to begin to do things beyond your plans and schedules with absolute love, joy and happiness.
Moreover, you can see yourself always talking and giving examples with your spouse or even showing your spouse off to the whole world, as the best of everything God has blessed you with.

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