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Cat of the Week : Gracie

Gracie is solid gray and is 2 years old. Gracie was a rescue kitten. She was found, along with other brothers and sisters, tossed out in a bag next to the EMS building my husband works at. One of the workers there took them home and had them checked out by a vet. They estimated their age at about 3 days old. One had a broken leg. Gracie had a wheeze and a bad cough. We got her at about 2 weeks old and bottle fed her.

She was so cute and tiny. We had a large male cat named Spooky who lived with us and were kind of afraid he might hurt her. They took right up friends. She would flip over in your arms just like a baby to get her bottle.

As she grew, she was the more aggressive cat than the bigger older male. She would go camping with us in our camper when she was young. She loved looking out the window at the birds and chipmunks. She would stay right next to the camper when she was outside. But as she grew she started chasing the chipmunks and we had to quit bringing her. In the picture she is enjoying a wonderful summer day out under the camper where it was cool. She enjoys laying around and watching everything.

She watches birds on the feeders from the window and the frogs and goldfish in the water garden. The best thing about her is she loves to sit in your lap or lay on you while you are sleeping. She is better than an electric blanket.
© Dawn M. Garrett

Franny Syufy's Notes:

Like all my Cat of the Week choices, Gracie was picked from general submittals (I do not accept photos directly for Cat of the Week.) Her photo is also featured in the January Blue Cats Gallery.

I love Gracie's timeless beauty, her golden eyes, and the story of her rescue. I think it's very clear that Dawn loves Gracie very much

You may submit your own cat photo and story by following the Photo Submittal Guidelines Sorry, but I can't legally use photos submitted without all the requested information.

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