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What"s Involved in Right Hand Drive Vehicle Conversions?

Right hand drive vehicle conversions are executed for a variety of reasons, and to suit an even wider variety of people. One of the most popular reasons for right hand drive adaptations is the need to switch over an imported car to suit the driving conditions in countries that drive on the left side of the road. For imported cars to be considered safe and roadworthy in Australia, the right hand drive vehicle conversion needs to completed in the country by a qualified mechanic.

This process involves a lot of expertise, clever design problem solving, and a complex series of different vehicle conversion procedures, including gutting the car's interior and exterior parts such as sheet metal, headlamps and bumper. From here, the car is completely realigned, with special attention given to key components such as the steering wheel, dashboard and interior frame. For special cars and vans, such as buses, postal vans and street sweepers, there are further complications and requirements needed in the right hand drive vehicle conversion. Many of these vans are fitted with dual control systems to allow improved visibility and accessibility opportunities.

Right hand drive vehicle conversions are available in varying degrees of quality, where lower tier procedures simply cut the original frame to fit a new configuration and then seal the car back together. High quality vehicle conversions, however, use completely new parts to guarantee an enduring operational life and seamless finish. The better quality procedures also include improved ergonomics for the driver, with all driving controls centred on the right hand driver's position in the car.

Because of the complicated procedures involved in a right hand drive modifications, they can be very costly and are largely viewed as a luxury for drivers interested in pleasure rides in vintage or high end cars. Sometimes, however, right hand drive vehicle conversions are completely necessary, such as when a driver is physically challenged and cannot safely use the driving controls in their regular configuration.

Where mobility challenged drivers are concerned it is perhaps even more important that the procedure is designed for ultimate safety and comfort. This involves close consultation with the client to determine their specific driving needs and requirements. Right hand drive vehicle conversions are often completed in addition to a variety of other modifications, including widening the entry to the van for a wheelchair, repositioning air bags and installing various other safety features and installing automated wheelchair restraints.

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