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Perceptions Distort Our Sense of One Another

What is influencing the way in which you are living your life? Where are you coming from within yourself and therefore what is behind the choices you make, the restrictions and expectations you put upon yourself and others, in absolutely every aspect of your life.
Do you know? Do you care what lies within the depths of you, driving your actions, determining your views, altering or perverting your sense or experience of day-to-day reality? Do you care that due to this hidden influence within you, you are easily influenced and enslaved by education, culture, and all the many forms of proper-gander our race feeds one another with virtually every word uttered.
Your perceptions, which are formed out of what you think you know - which is actually what you have been told by others, are the very thing that is preventing you from ever truly knowing anything for yourself.
Until that point, what we as a race call knowing is in fact mass-belief.
The reality of all existence eludes a person due to the person being caught up on the shallow surface of existence itself.
This shallow surface is made up of perceptions of yourself and the world outside of you.
Perceptions are learned views of reality distorting your potentially vast sense of reality as it is.
When my view of myself remains unchallenged by another person, then that person, thinking they know me, in fact only knows a view of me, an idea of me that I wish to be seen as.
What I really am remains hidden from the other by what I present of myself.
What I really am also remains hidden from myself by what I have been continuously told about me and taught to think since birth.
Who are you living with - really? Both intentionally and unintentionally people impose their learned perceptions upon each other, making it virtually impossible for either person to be themselves or receive the other person as they really are.
Instead - each person eventually conforms to the pressure and security provided by being someone to someone, even if it's not really being yourself.
It is the security you crave, that someone wants whatever you pretend to be.
The security of others perceptions thereby leads to losing any real sense of yourself or the other and potentially all sense of what is real.
This on a large scale is called society, family, and culture.
Here in lies a massive problem.
Conforming to others influence forms false identities.
We identify with learned perceptions of ourselves and in doing so form our identity.
From that identity our view of the entire world is adjusted to fit with and therefore validate all the beliefs or biases of that identity.
In short we are kidding ourselves, we need to break free of this collection of perceptions we call ourselves.
Social interaction is a multitude of examples of the life destroying, unnatural effects of imposed perceptions.
Everyone trying to 'have their own way'.
Our internal urge to be known or understood a certain way exudes an influence.
Within ourselves the disturbance of this urge is apparent in the sensation or feeling of various levels of anxiety or stimulation when we are misunderstood.
There is the stimulation within most of us, of concern over what others think of us.
Then externally we try to have 'our way' experiencing some distress when we don't get our way.
Tragically this way of existing with one another has become normal.
It is the direct results of losing a solid felt-sense of ourselves in the body to various imposed perceptions of ourselves, which have no solid basis, that is, no basis in our experiential reality.
What we learn to think/believe determines how we perceive ourselves.
Perceiving ourselves anyway at all keeps us entrapped in these very perceptions and prevents us from being ourselves.
Perceiving the world influences the world to respond to us in line with our perception.
How you perceive, effects how you feel towards and put out towards an animal or a plant or another person and this feeling you put out in turn influences a response within that organism itself.
And that response further influences and validates our illusionary perceptions of ourselves.
Freedom from this massive problem requires a massive step for the human race.
What could our lives be without the influence of perceptions? You have to drop your perceptions, what you have learned to think of yourself and everything else, to find out.
'What' are you and what is all of life without how you have learned to perceive it all? You have to drop all that makes up 'who' you are, your entire collection called your past, for 'what' you are in the whole scheme of life to cease eluding you.
But you probably don't think you want to do this.
That's okay; I had to say it anyway.
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