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Brick Pavers Installation Instructions

    • 1). Call the number "811," a free service that comes to your house to check for underground utility wires.

    • 2). Once you know what areas are safe for digging, measure the area of your patio and mark off the border on the ground with spray paint.

    • 3). Excavate the area around 6 inches deep within the confines of the border you marked off.

    • 4). Install the edge restraint by placing the edging flat against the outer wall of the entire area you dug out. Secure the edging by hammering metal stakes down through the holes in the edging and into the ground.

    • 5). Dump gravel into the excavated area and spread it around until you have a layer that is 3 inches deep.

    • 6). Run a plate compactor over the gravel and compact it down until it's packed tightly.

    • 7). Set a two-by-four on top of the gravel and place a level on top. Be sure the slope on the level is running away from any structures. This will help ensure proper drainage.

    • 8). Pour a 2-inch layer of sand on top of the gravel. Smooth out the sand into an even layer with a rake.

    • 9). Install brick pavers one at a time. Start in any corner and tap each paver into place with the rubber mallet. Be sure the pavers rest flush against one another.

    • 10

      Dump sand atop the brick pavers and use a broom to spread the sand around and into the cracks between the pavers.

    • 11

      Run the plate compactor over the brick pavers to secure them into place.

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