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HipHop Radio Reviews

HipHop radio stations are everywhere and cover a wide variety of

tastes: from mainstream rappers like Lil' Wayne to underground hits

or old school hip hop, there's a station for everyone. Here's where

you can find the best hiphop radio stations today:

Pandora. This fantastic website lets you create your own radio

station based on an artist, song or musical style of your choosing.

For example, you type in "Lil Wayne" and Pandora puts together a

playlist that includes a few Lil Wayne tracks, as well as other

related rappers, both lyrically and musically. The recommendation

are almost always spot on (though you can vote each song up or

down), and you learn about rappers you might never have heard

before. It is this aspect that makes Pandora my favorite radio

station to use: it's based on what I like to listen to, and doesn't

run audio advertisements!

SmoothBeats is a great resource for rap fans looking for free music

online, though the selection isn't that great. You basically listen

to whatever they're playing at the time (which is not nearly as cool

as Pandora, which you can change at will). Still, they play good

music and you can always duplicate what you like on Pandora and find

more related rap artists.

Some people have started using YouTube as their own hiphop radio

station. You can put together a playlist of tracks- which of course

come with videos- and run them through your computer and/or TV and

create your very own MTV! The only drawback to this is that you

have to manually change the song each time it finishes, though.

If you're looking for the hottest new beats, mixtapes or underground

rappers, you can download a slew of them from RapGodFathers. They've

got an incredible amount of hiphop you can download, including

videos from underground artists that you'd never see on TV. It's the

combination of video and audio that makes this a great place to find

new music.

These websites are the best hiphop radio stations online. They

provide new songs all the time, which helps you stay on top of the

hottest new rap music. In addition, these sites offer their services

for free, so you don't have to break the bank trying out new music!

Check them and see for yourself; as a long time listener of rap and

hip hop music, I'm a huge fan of all these radio stations!

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