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How to Disable Flip in an iTouch

    • 1). Push "Home" on the iTouch. Slide the device's onscreen lock bar to the right.

    • 2). Turn your iTouch to the vertical position. Quickly press "Home" twice.

    • 3). Swipe your finger against the pop-up menu located at the bottom of the iTouch's screen.

    • 4). Tap "Orientation" located in the bottom-left corner of the screen to lock the orientation in portrait mode. Once locked, a lock icon appears on "Orientation" and appears at the top of the iTouch's screen.

    • 5). Press "Home" to exit the pop-up menu, or tap the home screen above the menu to exit. Press "Home" twice. Swipe your finger to the right to return to the pop-up menu and unlock the iTouch's orientation setting.

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