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Bullying Support

We are now in a time where bullying is ever more present thanks to the internet and cyber bullying.
It does not matter whether this happens online or offline but what is important is bullying support.
The point of this article however is the importance not of supporting people who are victims but to understand why bullies act the way they do and techniques to confront this before it becomes an issue.
Bullying in Schools is where it is mostly recognised, there is always a bigger child who pushes the smaller ones around or a group of children or teens that pick on a strange child and tease them constantly.
This usually stems to 'a want' of attention.
This is the way that an individual can get the spotlight on themselves by getting into trouble or proving they are 'better' than their victim.
Teachers will punish the bullies generally but this is not the way to get to the root of the problem and find a solution.
Verbal bullying is also known as teasing and this is generally how adults bully each other.
This is when a fellow college or classmate is harassed verbally in front of others as well as in private.
This can be as simple as a quiet word in the hallway or shouting across the yard inappropriate comments.
The most dangerous kind of verbal bullying is not when crude remarks are yelled but when it is a one on one situation and one person takes advantage of the other.
Cyber bullying is now very common and there is not a week that goes by when we do not hear something on the media regarding this issue.
The reason that this is very present is because people can anonymously breakdown someone else psychologically without the ramifications of being seen or traced for that matter.
So when it comes to getting bullying support I highly recommend getting the leaders or people who are in charge whether it be teachers, managers, councilors or even parents information and education behind what causes bullying and the steps to take to prevent this happening, after all prevention is better than a cure.

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