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Chandelier Lighting

Interior designers are unanimous on one thing: gone are the days when lights were meant only for illumination.
These days, mood lighting is much more in vogue, and chandeliers, as well as light fixtures are well suited for this purpose.
Mood lighting is a relatively new concept in interior decoration, and it means creating a particular ambience with light.
This can be achieved by varying the color of the light, its intensity or the look of the lamp.
These days, more often than not, creating a mood, rather than illumination has become the primary purpose of chandelier lighting.
The type of the chandelier and the nature of lighting used in it, play a deciding role in how the mood is created.
For instance, the "party animal" can have a sleek, gleaming steel chandelier fitted with psychedelic lights that would go well with his nature.
The same steel chandelier but with muted lighting will be the choice of the introvert.
For those who prefer a traditional look in their homes, a five-arm ornamental chandelier in iron would secure the look.
This type of chandelier has a stately look about it and can also be used at formal dinners.
Crystal chandeliers possess a conventional and opulent look.
They are elegant and exude an aura of aristocracy.
If you want a soft romantic look, nothing can beat a candle chandelier, given that candles themselves look warm and inviting.
Robust-looking antler chandeliers are more in tune with the outdoor-type person, a gamesman perhaps.
Then, you have the rustic-looking wrought iron chandelier, and, coupled with candle lighting, you have a period piece in your hands.
The possibilities are immense with the chandelier.
With little variations in the type of lighting and in the make of the chandelier itself, drastic changes can be made to the look of the room and the mood you want to project.

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