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How to Place Wards in Wicca

    • 1). Cleanse your home before warding it. Cleansing is a bit like airing out your home before starting your spring cleaning. You push out all the stale, old energy and replace it with clean, new energy that feels good.

    • 2). Hold a sage smudge stick in your hands, focusing on your intent. Imagine the negative energy leaving your home in the form of black, smudgy clouds. Sage sticks are bundles of dried sage leaves. When burned, Wiccans believe they eliminate negative energy.

    • 3). Light the sage stick and walk around your home's interior in a clockwise pattern. Draw smoke lines around all the entrances, all the time imagining the negativity leaving your home.

    • 4). Make salt water with about ¼ cup of sea salt and warm water. Stir them together in a small bowl until the salt dissolves. The bowl should be special; you may have an altar bowl or simply a bowl that you like to use a lot or feels good to you.

    • 5). Walk around your home clockwise sprinkling water. This time, imagine walls of light rising as you sprinkle the water. Picture the bad energy leaving right before the walls come up, keeping it away.

    • 6). Solidify the warding walls, the walls of light, around your home. Stand in the center of your home with your arms out and your feet shoulder width apart. Close your eyes.

    • 7). Breathe deeply and visualize bright, green energy flowing up from the earth and into your feet, filling you. Picture the energy coming out through your hands and intertwining with the white light from the saltwater. Picture the walls as translucent, but solid.

    • 8). Bring your hands together in front of you, eyes still closed. Picture the green energy slowly leaving your body and slipping back into the earth.

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