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Why Texting While Driving Could Be Fatal

During those times when life was still simple, when cars were still manual and the way you can communicate to other people living far apart from you were still limited (like sending telegrams or making telephone calls), there were lesser risks for accidents. Nowadays, people just couldn't imagine life without their state-of-the-art gadgets, especially their mobile phones. That is why texting while driving is becoming rampant now. Mobile phones are considered as helpful tools for easy communication, and because the world today is much more fast-paced and demanding, you tend to multi-task. You text while eating, you text while you're personally talking to someone, you text while you're crossing the street, you name it.

We all know that they are as dangerous as texting while driving, but a lot of people have this thinking that they're okay to do just because everyone else is doing them. That's the reason why accident rates are increasing now, especially road accidents. Although mobile phones brought us so many advantages, the number of disadvantages that you get from it must not be overlooked.

There are various cities all over the world where people are banned from texting while driving, although this do not prove to be all that helpful. Drivers can easily hide their mobile phones away from the sight of the cops or other motorists if they want to. The safety of a trip would still depend on the willingness of the driver to stay away from trouble and follow all the driving rules and regulations. Increasing the awareness of people on the effect of texting while driving is more effective than banning it to control traffic accidents. The more a person is stopped from doing something, the more he does it because it gets all the more exciting. This can be true in a lot of circumstances.

While you are on the road, you always have to put in mind that texting while driving is just a fatal thing to do no matter how tempting it is. If you are the driver, always concentrate on your driving because driving requires a lot of body coordination. Also, that is the time when you need to be more attentive with what you are doing and the direction you are going. If you are the passenger, notice if the driver is texting while driving and explain to him why he needs to stop. Even the slightest driving blunders, like failing to see the hazard that lies ahead even for just a couple of seconds because of texting, can result to injuries and death. It's much better to shun away from your mobile phone for while, than face the grueling consequences in the end just because you were texting while driving. Also, your carelessness could involve other people. You might bump into someone while you were not looking on the road because you were too consumed with one text message, when you have all the time later to do it. Not only are you causing serious damage to your car, but to that person's life as well.

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