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Tips For Taking A Good Photograph

Many guides to taking good pictures of people will start off by saying you should be familiar with your camera and gain practice in using it first.
However, this guide assumes you are full proficient in the use of such a device and so will strip out the more circuitous elements of photography and get to the point.
Many photographers, even professional ones lack this skill and it is above all what separates the pro's from the ordinary photographer who is familiar with his camera's features.
I'm talking of course about capturing the individual soul through their eyes, face and environment.
Tip 1 - Capture their eyes.
This will give the viewer an insight into their personality, are they arrogant, confident, scared, it will all become apparent.
Many photographers will tell a model to look a certain way i.
to look confident or serious, but this produces a glazed over manikin look that you should avoid at all costs.
Tip 2 - Capture their face.
Many photographers will tell you to pose.
This is the first mistake, it usually makes the person look like a duck or a douche.
However, people's faces when relaxed and not thinking about anything look silly too.
The answer is to stimulate the individual being photographed verbally.
This is where psychology comes into play.
If you want them to look happy tell them a joke, or say something to make them smile naturally, then take the photo - don't just say 'smile!'.
3 - Capture their spirit.
Many photographers will have pre-built sets in which to take a photo of an individual.
However, if a person is a writer, why not take a photograph of them at their writer's desk? If they play sports why not photograph them on the pitch where they feel most at home? The way a businessman sits in his chair in his big office is different from the way he poses on a stall in a studio, people's environment allow a photographer to capture their spirit.
If you follow these rules you are sure to take a successful photo that the client will want for themselves.
Giving the person being photographed as much control over the set as possible, and letting them dress in a way they feel comfortable will allow you to understand them better.
This will increase the rapport between you, allowing their personality to shine through.
It is also important not to airbrush photographs too much as they may be misleading and not really look the person in reality.

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