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Difference Between Southern & Northern Civil War Bullets


    • Historians classify Civil War bullets according to length, caliber and grooves. Most bullets had between one and seven circular grooves around the base.


    • Grooves held grease, which made it easier to load the rifle and faster to shoot.

    Weapon Stipulations

    Minie Ball

    • The .58-caliber Minie ball was the most widely used bullet of the Civil War. Invented by Frenchman Claude-Etienne Minie, the U.S. military adopted the bullet in 1855. It featured three grooves and fired accurately up to 350 yards.

    Round Bullets

    • Early in the war, most soldiers used smoothbore guns, like muskets, they acquired from home or from old stockpiles. They fired .69-caliber round shot. Firing accurately only 100 yards, soldiers upgraded as soon as possible.

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