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Save Money: Make Your Own Solar Panel

When you see how an easy solar panel diagram can be employed to assemble a solar panel quickly and for under one hundred twenty-five dollars, you'll realize why it makes sense to go solar power in your house. At one time it was way too expensive to switch a house to solar electric power. It is still pricey if you hire a contractor to install commercially built solar panels. It's true that there are actually some government tax deductions and credits for converting to solar, but it is significantly more affordable to build your own. But even if you'll be able to do it very easily and cheaply by yourself, why should anyone convert to solar? Is it genuinely worth the bother? Well, let's look at some facts:

1) Solar power will save you money - In one year, 2006, residential electrical rates rose as much as sixty per cent in some parts of the United States. Electric rates will continue to increase even as the cost of oil and coal fluctuate. Of course, you can buy those fluorescent light bulbs that make harsh light and turn your thermostat down to 58 degrees in the winter and up to 78 in the summer. But what if you didn't need to pay for power at all? In fact, in case you produce more electricity than you consume, the power company has to buy it back from you! And think about this: Nissan has unveiled an all electric automobile, the Leaf. Other car producers have electric cars coming out soon. How much money could you save by driving an automobile that uses no amount of gas whatsoever, only free electrical power you produced in your home?

2) Solar energy is great for the planet - Where ever you stand on the whole global warming question, the actuality is that fossil fuels, gas, coal and oil, create pollutants in the air. The less of these fossil fuels we use, the cleaner our air will be. Your residence might not make or break the environment, but every little bit helps and if you add your house to Ed Begley, Jr.'s and several million others, it will mean cleaner air for all of us.

3) Solar panels are reliable and effortless to maintain - Solar panels have no moving parts. They just sit there collecting light from the sun and transforming it into electricity. Actually, quite a few makers of photo voltaic systems furnish as long as a 25 year warranty. They are able to do it simply because they know the panels just don't break. Satellites in space use solar panels for electricity for years and years in extreme heat and cold. Once your solar panels are in place and working, you can just about forget them.

You can see that residential solar panels has really advanced since its invention. You can pay someone to set up solar electrical power in your residence and it will pay for itself eventually. Or you can construct your own panels employing an easy solar panel diagram at a fraction of the expense and start saving very quickly. It's genuinely quite simple and you probably have most of the tools you'll require already.

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