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How to Groom Horse Hair

    • 1). Choose a good quality horse shampoo and conditioner. If you have a black or white horse, look for a shampoo and conditioner designed for that hair color.

    • 2). Mix the shampoo with warm water and work it into a good lather. Use a sponge to apply the shampoo liberally to your horse's coat. Work the shampoo into the coat by working against the grain of the hair.

    • 3). Rinse your horse thoroughly with the hose. Continue to rinse your horse's hair coat until no more shampoo is seen.

    • 4). Mix the conditioner according to the instructions on the bottle. Work the conditioner into a good lather and use a clean sponge to apply it to your horse's coat. Allow the conditioner to remain on your horse for the amount of time specified on the bottle, then rinse it off until all conditioner has been removed.

    • 5). Dry your horse with a towel or soft cloth. Dry the coat until it is just damp, then walk your horse until the coat is completely dry. Do not turn your horse out until he is dry--if you do he is liable to roll in the dirt and ruin all your hard work.

    • 6). Use a stiff-bristle brush to remove any dirt or grime that the shampoo and conditioner have missed. Brush the horse thoroughly in the direction of the hair coat.

    • 7). Polish your horse's hair coat with a soft cloth or a towel. This will bring the oils in the skin to the surface and allow your horse's natural color to shine through.

    • 8). Use a mane and tail comb to groom your horse's mane and tail. These combs are specially designed, with wider teeth and curved handles that make it easier to remove tangles and dead hair without pulling. If the horse has briars in his tail, or if the hair is very tangled, it is helpful to soak the tail in conditioner first. This will soften the hair and make it easier to work with. Just be sure to rinse the tail thoroughly after soaking, and to allow the hair to dry well before combing.

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