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How to Put on the Vacuum Belt for an Oreck XL2

    • 1). Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet before replacing the belt.

    • 2). Turn over the vacuum cleaner to inspect the base plate of the machine. A replacement belt can be found in the storage channel. Remove the component and set it aside.

    • 3). Unscrew the panel next to the power head. Lift the door up and remove it completely. Set it aside.

    • 4). Un-hook the old belt from the motor drive shaft and brush roll pulley. Fasten the replacement belt over the brush roll pulley. Stretch the opposite end of the replacement belt onto the motor drive shaft.

    • 5). Slide the bottom tab of the belt door into the slots inside the power head. Press the door down to close. Screw it into place.

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