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Acrylic Foam Tape Has A Whole World Of Uses

Acrylic foam tape forms a ridiculously powerful bond between such surfaces as metal and glass, and also a strong bond is possible between surfaces including coated materials and various kinds of plastic.

Everyone should have at the very least a few screw drivers and a hammer in their toolbox, plus a roll of duct tape if they want to fix the most basic things around the home. After trying some of this new acrylic foam tape, it looks like everyone ought to have a roll of it too. I find it works great for securing things on my car, the plastic bumper somehow came off where it was supposed to be and some acrylic foam tape had it secured in an instant.

Companies such as 3M have long been the first choice in pressure sensitive adhesives that work effectively on virtually any surface. You should be aware of the stringent testing this stuff undergoes - several kinds of tape are left to cook at 150 degrees for several years, and it still comes out as sticky and effective as ever.

Acrylic foam tape is incredible stuff, and is being used in construction as an alternative to screws, rivets and other fasteners. It bonds totally and firmly all along the joint, whereas screws and rivets simply create pressure points along a seam, this tape is as good as a complete weld.

Acrylic foam tape is being used today in all types of construction, from buildings to appliances. It is long lasting, flexes to any shape and it seals tightly and is weather and chemical resistant.

Have you ever tried to pull a cardboard container apart? Then chances are you had a struggle - it was most likely stuck together with an acrylic foam adhesive tape!

There are a lot of options, not just of tape, but also in the sizes, colors and roll sizes it is made in too, so you can generally find the ideal tape for your requirements, without having to spend too much on a roll that's far too big. They are also available in different thicknesses and the specialty tapes vary as to what temperatures you need them for.

No more do we amateur do-it-yourselfers have the only option of screws or nails to fix things, a roll of the appropriate tape should have anything fixed with minimum of mess and bother in next to no time.

The tape can be used out in the sun and rain too, on vehicles to bond external parts to the body such as sunroofs, wind deflectors, bug shields and step shields, and inside to repair interior trim, dash overlays, and dust seals.

Although the best acrylic foam tape is a little more expensive than other competitive products, it has been proven to be effective and last a lot longer than other tapes, so it's worth spending that little extra.

This excellent product has mostly replaced old-fashioned glues and rubber cements and these innovative products are far superior, and can withstand today's excessive stresses and strains. Acrylic foam tape is designed to bond with all the most up-to-date modern materials and coatings.

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