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How to Make an Air Compressor Quieter

    • 1). Build a containment structure where the air compressor can be placed to reduce noise. This should only be used for electrical compressors. Using a containment structure with gas-powered air compressors could increase the risk of fire. Use plywood to build the structure, making sure to make vent holes near the air exhaust. The structure should be made without a roof and placed in an area where it will get sufficient ventilation to prevent the electric motor from overheating. To ensure sufficient ventilation, place the compressor at least three feet from the wall.

    • 2). Set up a sound curtain enclosure to block the noise of your air compressor. You can get them constructed with either two or four sides, with or without a roof. The sound curtain enclosure is made of composite material, along with an acoustical absorber to effectively reduce noise.

    • 3). Use a steel enclosure if the noise is at an extreme level. Steel enclosures come in various designs. The typical steel enclosure has perforated steel inner skin and acoustical insulation, measuring about 4 inches thick.

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