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How to Use Appropriate Decorations in Aquarium

The decorations in aquarium are not just for making it beautiful but there is one more important purpose.
The man-made home for the fish should be as close as possible to their natural habitat.
The places to hide and the borders should resemble the natural settings in which fish usually live.
There are a lot of decorations available in the market including structural decorations like holes and caves, live and artificial plants and some are rocks and wood decorations.
While decorations are meant to keep the fish healthy and happy, another purpose of decoration is to ensure that the fish is not getting bored! Letters discuss the major aspects of decorating the aquarium - 1.
Tanks - There are many types and shapes of tanks available in the market.
The size of the tank should be appropriate to the number of fish you want to keep.
Tanks are also available in color glasses, if you want.
Plants - These are the natural and inexpensive type of decorations for the aquarium.
Fish love natural plants.
There is a huge range of plants available in the market.
These plants will oxygenate the water which will be good for the fish.
They can also be used for checking the quality of water in the aquarium.
If the proportion of toxic chemicals increases, the plants will become pale and may die soon.
Rocks, corals and wood - Drift wood pieces create a natural and beautiful effect in the aquarium.
Some fish thrive on them.
However there is a risk of lowering the pH levels and the hardness of the water due to such wood.
Stones as well as rocks can make good decorations.
The rocks can be used for creating caves which provide a very good place for the fish to hide.
There is a risk of lowering pH levels because of such stones.
To avoid that, fake rocks are also available in the market but they are very expensive.
Corals are a good addition to the aquarium.
But they are not useful for freshwater aquariums and should be avoided.
Gravel - These are available in many colors - black, blue, green, red, yellow and white.
So you can make multiple layers in the aquarium to make it more colorful.
Ceramics, plastics and glass items - these are not natural materials but fish can enjoy them.
The marbles of glass can add good colors to the aquarium.
However, they should be used with some precaution as they are not useful for the plants.
Ceramics are popular for decoration purposes.
The only precaution you have to take is to ensure that they are not having sharp edges.
Plastic items are colorful and cheap and they can be available in many shapes and sizes.
Pirates, skulls, treasure chests, ships and a lot of other varieties are available the market.
They will add some spice to your aquarium.
Important point you should consider while decorating your aquarium is the safety factor.
If you are maintaining a freshwater aquarium, you have to take precautions while introducing any item of decoration in the aquarium.
You should the rinse all the items by treated water and always observe these decorations carefully for removing any fungus that may accumulate on them.
Some of the decorations may increase the toxic levels of your aquarium water so you should check with your pet shop before introducing them.
Decorations, if created carefully and tastefully, they will make the life of your fish enjoyable.
They will also please your family and your guests.

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