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How to Apply for a Work Permit in the UK

    • 1). Obtain a job offer from a UK employer. Upon extending an official job offer, your employer will have to draft a certificate of sponsorship outlining the terms of your employment. This virtual document has a reference number that you will need to apply for entry to the United Kingdom.

    • 2). Pass the mandated points-based assessment, where you will be awarded points based on your qualifications, sponsor, expected future wages, present funds and English-speaking abilities.

    • 3). Determine what type of permit you are eligible for (see Resources): Business and commercial, sportspeople and entertainers, GATS (Global Agreement on Trade in Services, Sectors Based Scheme (SBS), Training and Work Experience Scheme (TWES), or Multiple-entry Work Permits (MEWPs). You will have to fill out the corresponding application.

    • 4). Provide your employer with all the pertinent information needed to fill out a work permit application, which must be submitted at least eight weeks before your anticipated start date. Once the application is approved, you will have to wait to receive your permit. You will not be allowed to enter the United Kingdom if do not have a permit.

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