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Body contouring is a group of cosmetic surgery procedures that enable you to reshape your entire figure.
Typically this is done after massive weight loss.
Many times a patient is dissatisfied with the original shape of their body and multiple cosmetic surgery procedures can alleviate their discomfort and provide them with an aesthetically pleasing figure.
Body contouring is also a very effective way to combat the sagging skin that occurs after massive weight loss.
Body contouring treatments can occur in the upper body, thighs and face.
Upper body treatment usually involves treating redundant skin in the upper arms and sometimes even elbows.
This extra skin is removed and the breasts are repositioned to a more natural position.
Sometimes a breast reduction is desired as well.
This results in more attractive breast that better fit the person's body size and image.
Thigh treatment involves treating the extra fat hanging from the groin area.
This redundant skin and fat can cause chafing and blistering (and sometimes even skin rashes).
Many times there are two incisions that are combined for an improved removal of fat and skin.
The patient will generally have to spend a night or two in the hospital and can return to normal activity within a couple of weeks.
Treatment of the face usually involves a rhitidectomy surgery to rejuvenate the face and eliminate signs of aging.
Procedures can include anything from a neck suspension, face lifts and brow lifts.
These procedures can be performed as office based surgeries and can take anywhere from six to seven hours depending on the specific nature of the procedures.
Patients can usually go home that night, but probably can't get back to everyday activity for a couple of weeks.

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