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How to Find a Vehicle by Registration Number

    Record the Number Plate Details

    • 1). Make an accurate note of the vehicle's license number, including the part of the license plate that tells you what state the car is registered in.

    • 2). You can conduct a search for a fee on Best People Search. However, you must fulfill one of several requirements:

      Show that you have written consent from the car owner to do the search.

      Prove that you are an employer who needs to verify the identity of the car owner.

      Prove that you are an insurer or are involved in insurance claim activities as an employee or investigator.

      Show that you are part of a government agency, including a law enforcement agency.

      Prove that the information is for use in connection to motor vehicle safety, theft, emissions, recalls or market research.

    • 3). Visit your local DMV branch. If you were the victim of an accident and were unable to get a driver's details, the DMV may supply you with some information. Legally, the DMV cannot give you the personal details of the vehicle owner, such as the name, address and phone number, but you may be able to get the vehicle identification number.

    • 4). Hire a private investigator. This may be the easiest and most straightforward way to obtain this information. In some states, only a private investigator can legally access such records.

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