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Choosing the Right Turtle and Terrapin Food

You may think that all pet turtles and pet terrapins are the same and therefore have the same dietary requirements.
Actually, depending on the kind and breed of turtle, they can have different dietary needs but they all require an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals that you can either supply to them through their food or through supplements.
There are varieties of vitamins and mineral supplements that you can feed your pet turtle or terrapin.
These are able to provide a little bit of additional dietary support and nutrition that may be lacking from their regular diet.
Most kinds of vitamin and mineral supplements can be given to them once or twice a week as part of their regular feeding.
In general, if you provide your pet turtles and pet terrapins with a healthy variety of fresh, leafy greens and other fresh vegetables they should get most of the nutrition that they need from those.
Certain breeds of turtles also enjoy worms and other fresh vegetables.
Some turtle owners also provide their pets with a calcium block to snack on to help take care of calcium needs which can be a little bit more difficult to supplement through the normal dietary feedings.
You should also always make sure that you provide your pet turtles with a constant supply of fresh water that is always clean.
Provide it to them in a shallow bowl so that it is easy for them to drink from.
Depending on the specific breed of your turtle, you may want to check with the local pet store, or ask an expert online about any additional guidelines and nutritious needs that your pet turtle may have.
It is also a good idea to do your research entirely before you decide what kind of pet turtle or terrapin to get so you can be sure that you will easily be able to get the supplies and food that your pets need.
Whatever kind of pet turtle you get, you should remember that turtles and terrapins both have a long life expectancy.
So when you decide to bring one home as your pet you need to be willing to commit to it for many years, maybe even your entire life!

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