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Side Affects of Colon Cleansing - Lose Up to 15 Pounds Fast

As a weight loss coach I work with many clients who do colon cleansing as way to jump start their weight loss program.
My clients often lose up to 15 pounds in only a few days using the physician formulated all natural colon cleanse I recommend and use myself.
Two of the most common questions I get about colon cleansing are: When I do a colon cleanse will I be able to do my usual daily activities? Yes - you should be able to continue your normal everyday activities.
It should be fine as long as you have easy convenient access to a restroom throughout your day.
I recommend that you begin your colon cleanse on a weekend.
This will give you more ready access to your bathroom and also allow you to have more control of your schedule which will probably help you feel more comfortable as you experience the colon cleansing process.
It will give your body time to get used to the changes you will experience in a stress-free environment.
Will I be stuck all day in my bathroom when I do a colon cleanse? This totally depends on your particular digestive system and colon tract.
If you have years of unhealthy eating which have led to lots of compacted waste in your colon you will have a different result than someone who eats a more healthy diet and has regularly cleansed their colon.
So for some people they need to stay close the restroom at the very beginning of the cleanse as they are gently and easily releasing waste and weight from their digestive tract.
For others that have a huge amount of compacted waste in their bodies and have led very unhealthy lifestyles, it is common for them to not not have a significant bowel movement until a day or two into the cleanse and then the pounds of waste are let go.
These are both NORMAL responses.
Keep in mind that this toxic colon waste has most likely been building up over the years and if that is true, it will take a little extra time to break down the compacted waste.
The majority of my students who follow the simple colon cleanse system I use don't feel chained to the restroom however they do like to have one readily available.
Everyone of them says that the best result is that they drop between 5 and 15 pounds of weight in just one short colon cleanse.
Pretty cool!

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