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How to Price the Worth of Household Goods for a Divorce

    • 1). Obtain a list of court-approved appraisers. In most jurisdictions, the court can provide a list of appraisers who deal in valuing household goods during a divorce case. The main reason to use a court-approved appraiser is that these professionals understand what the court desires to receive in the way of a final appraisal report.

    • 2). Discuss appraiser options with your spouse. Ideally you are able to settle on one appraiser to value household goods. If you cannot come to terms on the same appraiser, then you and your spouse will each hire one. Both appraisal reports are submitted to the court for consideration by the judge.

    • 3). Engage the services of an appraiser (again, ideally one that both you and your spouse agree on).

    • 4). Schedule the appraiser to visit the marital residence to examine the household goods and property.

    • 5). Obtain the final appraisal report from the appraiser.

    • 6). Review the appraisal report in detail. If there is any valuation that you do not agree with, contact the appraiser and find out how she reached her value determination.

    • 7). Draft a list of specific objections to the valuation of any particular household good and the reason why you do not concur with the conclusion of the appraiser.

    • 8). File your list of valuation objections with the clerk of the court.

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