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Artwork Guidelines & Templates for CD/DVD Printing and Paper Parts

There are sites with guidelines on how to lay out your artwork ready for printing onto a CD/DVD []. These guidelines show you what the maximum and minimum print areas for CD's, DVD's, CD Booklets, CD rear inlays, DVD sleeves and Card Wallets.

The main things to look out for when you are creating artwork, is making sure it all fits according to the printers specifications. The standard size of a CD is 120mm x 120mm. You need to take into account that the disc has a centre-hole. Also, around the edges of the disc, there is a 1.5mm sliver outer rim, which needs to be taken into account. There is a tendency to put text on the design, which follows the circular rim of the disc. Be careful, as this may not print, which means you would have to reduce the size of the design.

CD Booklets - a couple of factors to bear in mind when creating CD booklets. As CD booklets tend to be inserted inside the cover of standard jewel cases, depending on the thickness of the paper used, the limit is about 28 pages. Otherwise, the booklet will not fit. You also have to allow bleed around the edges, as any text that is position near the edges, may be chopped off in the trimming/finishing process!

Rear inlays or tray liners - These are a little tricky, as you have a perforated spine to contend with. This wraps around the spine of the CD jewel case. This is why it is vital to follow any guidelines and use templates (see "Where to find templates").

Where to find a CD or DVD Templates and Guidelines?

A lot of CD duplication companies display on their websites, how to layout your artwork. Some of them are downloadable for free. However, some require you to leave your details or register before you can use their templates. Other places to find out more about supplying print-ready artwork are local libraries, art and design colleges or your local printers.

Some have templates where you can just import your image or design onto. This will indicate whether you have the correct dimensions. There are PDFs available to download so that you can check you have laid out the artwork correctly. They will indicate how much bleed you will need to add to your design.

Dimensions for CD/DVD printing areas and Paper Parts

  • 1 / 2 page Jewel Case Insert - Flat Size = 120mm x 240mm

  • 4 Page Jewel Case Booklet - Flat Size = 125mm x 250mm

  • Jewel Case Back Tray Liner - Flat Size = 118mm x 151mm (Spine = 6.5mm)

  • CD/DVD on-body print = 122mm x 122xx (Centre hole 21mm)

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