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Electric Car Kit - Gasoline Car Conversion That You Can Do at Home

If you are familiar with the inner workings of a car, the easiest way to convert a vehicle to run on electricity is with an electric car kit.
Before you start purchasing any electric car quick installation kit for a gasoline car conversion, you have to understand most car kits are specifically made for a particular car model.
This is because different car models would have different dimension.
What are the parts in an electric car setup kit? This article will provide some information on the subject of Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car conversion.
In a normal electric car kit, you will find the main components such as the DC electric motor, electric controller, adapter plate, shaft coupler and throttle box.
Most electric motor are quite universal and the differences are the RPM and torque output.
The main issue with an electric car installation kit is the adapter plate.
The plate is the joining section between the car transmission and the electric motor.
As you can see, different car model will have different transmission hence different transmission cross section.
For example, if an adapter plate was cut to fit a VW Beetle transmission, the same plate would not line up with a Geo Metro transmission.
The alignment of the plate is critical to ensure the shaft of the electric motor stay parallel to the transmission center core.
Any misalignment will affect the performance of the electric vehicle and reduce the mileage per charge.
Before you purchase any electric car kit for EV conversion, make sure the adapter plate has been cut based on your donor car transmission dimension.
If it does not, it is a better idea to custom made an adapter plate that meets your requirement.

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