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Massachusetts Police Training


    • To enter the training program, you must pass a medical exam, an agility test to ensure you can withstand the training and have the agency requesting your services as an officer submit the application to the MPTC.


    • The training lasts 20 weeks and offers 800 hours of instruction. It will include classroom learning, practical exercises and the opportunity to practice a range of scenarios an officer might encounter.


    • The training academy employs municipal police officers from the state of Massachusetts to conduct the trainings.

    Law Enforcement Certificate Program

    • The law enforcement certificate program (LECP) is a condensed training for people who have already taken a certificate program in law enforcement or have a degree in criminal justice from an approved college. It lasts 16 weeks and you must have been hired by a municipal police department or sponsored by a municipal police chief to gain entry. The material builds off the knowledge you gained in the aforementioned academic programs.

    Other Training

    • Some police departments run their own training, modeling it after the MPTC model, to train student officers who transfer from other police departments.

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