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Getting Out of the Friend Zone - 3 Tips For Chicks

Being a girl and being in the 'friend zone' at the same time is an unusual occurrence.
Most women find that they have a pretty good amount of control over the men that they like and can snag them in the right circumstance or with a little bit of effort.
Despite this, some unfortunate girls end up in a guy that they like's friend zone.
Since the friend zone is usually something discussed about with males, women don't have a lot of resources to turn to when they want to know the best advice to getting out of the friend zone and having their 'friend' be theirs.
In this article I'm going to discuss 3 tips for doing just that.
Tip #1: Talking About Past Relationships Should Be Forbidden One of the best ways to find yourself in the friend zone is if you talk with the guy you like about your past relationships and how utterly horrible and wrong they were for you.
Guys don't want to hear about another guy you've slept with, unless the story has some kind of relevance to the topic at hand.
Don't intentionally bring this issue up, and don't compare him to your past boyfriends.
Saying stuff like "Oh, Rick used to do that too.
" when your guy friend forgets his wallet is a major turn off.
Being in the friend zone and wanting to get out of it with any luck means that you have a lot less liberty to do and say what you want.
If you think the guy is worth it, you're going to have to make some sort of sacrifice in the long run.
Tip #2: Don't Constantly Bring Up The Fact You Like Him It's probably obvious to your guy friend that you like him.
If you want to escape the friend zone, hanging around him all the time with the intention of getting together with him will probably result in you letting down your guard, and him getting something that all guys want, if you know what I mean.
Even though you're friends, presenting a guy with the opportunity to seduce you and dump you is a great way to get the exact opposite of what you wanted.
You'll just be another lay and he'll have moved on to someone he can respect.
If you truly like this guy, show it by being confident in your actions.
Watch movies with him for the sole fact of spending some quality time with him, not with the intention of getting what you want.
People can sense selfish behavior, and you'll be playing Russian Roulette with your friendship if you do anything but let it takes it's natural course.
Tip #3: Show Him What He's Missing Often you'll see in movies and television shows women who try to make a guy jealous by dating other guys in their presence or telling them about their dates (which was covered in the first tip - pay attention).
Instead of doing this obvious and potentially embarrassing stunt, show him what he's missing by just being yourself.
Show him the intelligent conversation, wild sexuality, confidence, and passion that only you can provide that he'll be missing out on by the way you present yourself.
Guys respond to confidence just like women.
Self-deprecation can really turn a male off, unless they're into submissiveness.
These three tips won't guarantee you getting out of the friend zone for good, but they sure can be a good direction to go in.
With a little patience and endurance, you too can get out of the friend zone and be with the guy you've had your eye on for a while.

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