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Fun And Eco-Friendly Home Redecorating Ideas

Is it time to spruce up your house? You'll be able to do so with these simple, frugal and eco-friendly suggestions on household re-decorating: Rearrange your furniture - This won't cost you a dime! I relocated my TV to a significant wall that I had previously used for a scattering of photographs.
Once that focal point was established, the rest of the furniture fell into location and I have a new space to work with.
The re-arranging has even allowed me space for a small bistro table in my large living area which means I might finally stop eating at my personal computer desk! If you're not a jump-in-feet-first person like me, go to FloorPlanner.
com to virtually plan your next move.
"Paint Green" - And no, I do not mean paint every thing green.
Slapping a fresh coat of paint on the walls is one of the easiest, most budget-friendly ways to revive your living space.
Look for paints low in or free of charge from VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
These are the chemicals in conventional paints that may trigger headaches and respiratory issues.
Be sure to use old sheets or re-useable tarps when you paint rather than the disposable plastic drop-cloths and look for paint trays made from recycled materials.
An added bonus to eco-friendly paint: it tends to be pigment-rich meaning it requires less coats, which will mean savings for you.
Second-hand stores - If you're purchasing new furniture then maybe new lamps are in order.
Brave the cold to do some browsing at second-hand stores in your area.
The Habitat for Humanity ReStore is an excellent place to begin along with the Salvation Army or Goodwill stores.
In case you have neither of those within your area, search for consignment shops in your yellow pages.
Windows & Lighting - Tired of looking at plain white blinds? Consider getting crafty and sewing your own curtains from old sheets you may have on hand.
With a renewed interest in saving money, sewing (and knitting) have regained a popular following.
Check around in your area for sewing classes or sewing circles.
In the event you are tired of the harsh lights of your current bulbs, replace the bulbs in your house with energy-saving ones like CFLs or LEDs.
Bedding - Consider investing in luxuriously soft bamboo sheets! They are made from a highly sustainable material and new bedding is really a quick way to breathe new life into a bedroom.
Take it one step further and replace old bathroom towels with organic towels.
With most of us taking warmer showers than usual, soft and absorbent towels are a real treat to have on hand.
Not everyone is excited at the idea of re-decorating the house.
But if your eyes bugged out at your latest utility bill, maybe home maintenance is more on your mind.

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